Ecoforest in Expobiomasa

Ecoforest remains the market leader of pellet stoves and boilers, to be able to see the latest news in the Biomass sector, do not miss out on the Ecoforest Stand.

At Ecoforest We fight every day to create more technological and efficient products, in a time when it is necessary to take care of our planet, Ecoforest continues to expand its range of products to the different renewable energies, from the Biomass, passing through aerothermal y geothermal, until solar energy.

We have currently developed and expanded our entire range, reinforcing, securing our entire range of VAP boilers, fully automatic boilers perfect for replacing old gas and oil boilers and ideal for new homes. Our range of VAP boilers Together with the silos with pneumatic feeding Ecoforest they get autonomous installations, not worrying about loading the pellets every day.

They present many novelties for Expobiomasa 2019 they are sure that they will not disappoint you, they are waiting for you all at the 441 stand of the 4 pavilion.