Eko Bero: pellet stoves and biomass heating systems in Expobiomasa

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Eko Bero is a company located in Zumarraga, Guipúzcoa, dedicated to the advising, distribution, formation of heating systems based on renewable energies such as biomass, solar thermal energy and aerotermia mainly. Eko Bero has its origin in an installation company with more than 45 years experience in the market and following the development of the Drain-Unit patent that Orkli sells and several papers at the University of Deusto, the idea of ​​developing the company Eko Bero arose . At the national level Eko Bero distributes Lohberger.

Lohberger, Austrian manufacturer of biomass stoves and stoves, which stands out for being pioneers in the manufacture of pellet kitchens. They are mixed kitchens, the traditional kitchen with a module for the burning of pellets. It explains how a pellet stove works, in the hopper the pellets are introduced and through the burner the flame arrives at the home of the firewood, with which the traditional wood stove is lit through the pellet. These pellet stoves combine tradition and modernity, since they can be controlled through Smartphone, tablet or PC, ... with remote management. This type of kitchens can also provide heating and hot water for the whole house, it is possible to distribute heating to other thermal emitters, radiators ... They are very aesthetic kitchens that can be adapted to modern and rustic homes. The control of the kitchen through the Internet offers remote management and remote maintenance from the factory, which can detect and correct faults in the kitchen.

Diana Janeiro, commercial director, and Jose Manuel, technical director, of Eko Bero present us the company and the news in this video recorded in Expobiomasa. And they will be with more news in the next edition.


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