Wood stove DENIA Elyps

denia elyps stove

stove model Denia Elyps has double combustion, sealed combustion and clean glass system. 

The double combustion of the model is an additional contribution of preheated air in the upper part of the combustion chamber that allows burning all the particles that have not been burned in the area where the fuel is and that -in an appliance that does not have this system- would be ash, soot into the tube or particle emissions into the atmosphere. Visually, we can see an additional fire of great beauty, which will translate into greater heat output at lower consumption, that is, higher performance.

In a sealed stove with an air intake connected to the outside, the combustion air is taken directly from outside the home. In this way, it keeps its oxygenation level intact.

Denia will be present at Expobiomasa 2023