Flat pellet stove to heat 55 m²: MIAMI model by ECOFOREST.

biomass pellet stove
The flattest pellet stove in the world

This hallway pellet stove is the narrowest model in the ECOFOREST range, which offers all the advantages of our technology in a very compact sealed stove, with dimensions that fit into very small spaces, including WIFI and internet connection, finned exchanger, automatic regulation, etc. It also has the characteristic of being the flattest pellet stove in the world with a depth of just 16,7 cm.

The main features are:

  • Yield: 91,2%
  • Hopper: 7kg
  • Autonomy: 11 - 6 h
  • Consumption: 700 - 1200g/h
  • Weight: 77 kg

ECOFOREST participates in @Expobiomasa

Source: ecoforest.com