The stoves of soapstone They are a real revolution in the homes of our country. In the Nordic countries, such as Finland, they are found in all homes being one of the most appreciated household items.

The most characteristic aspects of this exclusive and differential product:

  • These are stoves whose main property is the heat build up. There are models that with two hours of firewood or pellet allow to heat a room for 24 hours continuously.
  • They have a component of saving and respect for the environment as it will allow you to heat large rooms.
  • The heat they provide by radiation is different being tremendously comfortable.
  • The heat in stoves with more mass is transmitted by radiation (not by convection) with which the transmission is the entire stay equally. A simile would be like when you open a window when the sun is directly on it ... the sun's radiation enters the entire room (in all directions) by heating it completely.
  • They incorporate outside air intake that together with the high efficiency and performance suppose An ideal product for Passive Houses.
  • Different designs, models and treatments from the surface of the stone.

DPM Especialidades, present at EXPOBIOMASA, imports the Finnish stone stoves Tulikivi for Spain and Portugal. It is the most important manufacturer worldwide of this type of product, which manufactures and exports Finland's tradition of heating homes with soapstone. Keep in mind that in this Nordic country it is very cold during most of the year and they have the habit of, just entering the house, taking off their shoes and going in socks throughout the home. Soapstone is highly prized for its heat retention characteristics, it is a type of volcanic stone with a large component of talc and other minerals that formed millions of years ago.

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