FAGIOLO Plus, the ecological and economical system from UNGARO that revolutionizes pellet heating

ungaro stove
The new FAGIOLO Plus

the italian company UNGARO has become synonymous with constant innovation and evolution in the field of high-quality biomass domestic heating.

Specialized in the construction of boilers and thermo-stoves with high energy efficiency and automation, they participated in the latest edition of Expobiomasa, presenting among its range of products the new FAGIOLO PLUS.

Contemporary design, suitable for any furnishing solution, all the warmth you need in a very small space. Connectable to any existing distribution system.

The innovative and exclusive triple vertical flue gas heat exchanger and the monocoque combustion chamber of the Tuboidro® range, thanks to their high efficiency, are Ungaro's ecological and economical system that revolutionizes pellet heating.

  • Steel lining. Aesthetic glass door.
  • Completely hermetic combustion chamber,
  • A body with three certified powers, choosing the desired power program from 6 to 8 or 10 kW.
  • Automatic cleaning of the brazier by scraping it with a comb at each ignition.
  • 2 front fans for air outlet (upper and lower) with the possibility of ducting.
  • XXL ash drawer
  • Top and rear smoke outlet
  • Condensate tee integrated in the unit, with cleaning access in the front of the unit.
  • Rear ductable air outlet.
  • WIFI (optional)
  • Cladding options are steel, glass and ceramic.
  • Dimensions: 603 × 376 × 1197 mm

Discover more features of this and other equipment on the web: https://www.caldoungaro.it/wp/es/home_es/

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