Tavira: The smallest pellet insert on the market

bronpi stoves and fireplaces
Bronpi presented 16 new models at Expobiomasa 2019

https://expobiomasa.com/expositores?uid=BRONPI-CALEFACCIONThe national manufacturer Bronpi chose Expobiomasa to present exclusively the 16 novelties of its catalog for the new season, positioning itself as a leading market exhibitor.

Nicol: Cast iron pellet stove with Nordic style design.

Tavira: The smallest 7 kW pellet insert on the market.

Cairo Series: 6 series of wood inserts with front, double-sided, corner design and measures 90 and 110 cms.

Bombay Series: 3 series wood-burning stoves with front, corner and three-sided glass design.

Huelva-C: wood-burning fireplace with 4 faces designed to hang, from the Huelva family.

Hydronova Plus: wood-burning stove developed with the HydroBronpi system.

Dover: new version of the Dover wood stove, circular, with more current lines and smaller measures.

Lorca-R y Huelva: New version of these two fireplaces, with a more updated design.