Jackie Idro, Palazzetti's new biomass stove at Expobiomasa 2021

jackie stove
Perfect balance of style, compact measurements and high performance

Palazzetti brings together in Jackie, the new Ecofire® Idro pellet stove, the most advanced heat technology. A product with high performance and compact measures, which guarantees, over time, high yields and low emissions into the atmosphere.

With its clean lines and rounded shape, painted steel sides and cast iron top, Jackie displays her contemporary look and fits into any home environment with gentle elegance. Inside all the power and efficiency Palazzetti: 

The pros:

  • Compact measurements vs Power.
    Palazzetti knew how to enclose high powers in compact measures. In fact Jackie is available in the 20 and 26 kW versions with contained dimensions (62,6x66x120,6 cm).
  • Water and air heating.
    Jackie connects to the hydraulic installation to heat the water that circulates through the radiators and that for sanitary use, and at the same time heats the environment where it is located thanks to the ventilation system.
  • App
    It allows you to control the operation of the stove using your smartphone, both at home and away.
  • Complete Burning System.
    Technology that, through the total combustion of the pellet, allows to obtain excellent yields, maximum savings, being respectful with the environment. 
  • Self Clean System.
    Intelligent and automatic system that keeps the stove clean for longer and speeds up cleaning tasks. Thanks to the total combustion and the automatic emptying of the brazier, cleaning the stove must be carried out less often, no special tools are required and it is not necessary to disassemble components. 

Jackie, the latest jewel of Palazzetti efficiency, is the perfect balance between style, performance and compact measurements, and is capable of bringing the energy and well-being of heat to the domestic environment.

More info: https://palazzetti.it/los-productos/estufas-de-pellets/agua-aire/jackie-acero-rojo-25-kw-agua-y-aire/