The installation of biomass stoves and boilers grows an 16,2 percent in 2018

Graph Observatory biomass

In general terms, the data provided by sound positive for the sector. Thus, at the close of 2018 they operated in Spain 298.399 stoves and boilers powered by biomass, 53.480 more than the previous year. Equipment sales have increased an 16,2%, but it has been unevenly, more stoves than high power boilers. 

The biggest increase in heating installations with biomass has been driven by the sale of new pellet stoves, which in 2018 rose to the 50.130 units. This sales figure, which represents a new record in Spain, although far from the sales in countries such as Italy or France with figures that double and triple the Spanish market.

Number biomass boilers for individual or domestic use, with power lower than 50kW, an 7,1% has been increased, maintaining a positive trend. But the installation of boilers with a power equal to or greater than 50 kW, common in industrial and collective installations, dropped an 10%. Two key reasons for this slowdown have been collected: the first is that it came from a situation of low prices of fossil fuels, causing the projects to include costs without updating; and the second, it was a stagnant political situation at all levels that affected the approval of aid lines, stopped numerous municipal projects, and created a situation of business instability that negatively impacted investment plans. Luckily, both situations are changed.  

This evolution has allowed the biomass boiler park to be located at the end of 2018 in some 18.127 installations with a power lower than 50 kW; 11.214, with a power between 50 and 1000 kW; and 1.138 boilers of more than 1MW of power. For its part, the number of operational stoves is 267.920 in Spain.