The installation of pellet stoves and boilers in the domestic sector grew by 40 percent in 2021


At the end of 2021 they operated in Spain 497.556 pellet stoves and boilers, they are 74.655 more than the previous year. Sales of equipment for domestic use, up to 50kW of power, have increased by 40,3%. These are the data provided by managed by the Spanish Biomass Association.

The use of biomass, and especially pellets, is one of the heating systems preferred by Spanish families. It combines the use of much cheaper energy than conventional ones such as electricity, fossil gas or diesel, to the advantages of using renewable energy of natural and local origin. The use of pellets collaborates directly in sustainable forest management because it takes advantage of the biomass of Spanish forests and contributes directly to reducing the risk of forest fires.

This record sales figure in 2021 is being surpassed by the forecasts for the sale of domestic pellet stoves and boilers in Spain this year. The reason, because despite the fact that the price of pellets is increasing considerably due to manufacturing and transport costs, the savings are much higher than before because fossil fuels, such as gas or diesel, and electricity have multiplied their prices due to international dependence on them.