The new Italian CSTHERMOS stove that uses calibrated wood chips as a safe, clean, ecological and very economical biofuel.

biomass chip stoves
The key to its operation with chips is in the self-cleaning multi-fuel burner


This new pellet stove from the firm CS Thermos You can alternatively burn calibrated wood chips or pellets. The Echo Cippatin, available with powers of 10 or 12 kW, also has a good design that adapts well to different styles.

The key to its chip performance is CS THERMOS' previously patented self-cleaning multi-fuel burner. And it includes the brand's usual technology: it has 5 menus programmed for different fuels; evacuation of ashes from the burner without turning off the machine; double ignition resistor to reduce ignition times; and an anti-return flame safety device to the tank.

Other characteristics are that it works by natural convection at powers 1 and 2, which can be channeled thanks to a specific fan; that it has a tank with hermetic closure for 14 kilograms of chips or 28 kilograms of pellets; a system with manual reset thermostat and pressure switch; and remote management of the stove via the App.


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