Nobis presents the new range of silent, autonomous and intelligent stoves at ExpoBiomasa 2021


Brand founded in 2018 with more than thirty years of experience in the biomass heating sector, Nobis is presented for the first time in the Spanish market with a range of products equipped with the most advanced technologies available on the market.

Specializing in pellet stoves and fireplaces, Nobis offers a complete range of products, suitable to meet the needs of customers: Silent, versatile, ecological, autonomous, remote controlled stoves, with modern and innovative finishes and coatings. .

Our strengths are the automatic control of combustion and cleaning, for maximum autonomy and efficiency, the natural convection that guarantees unequaled silence and comfort, the quality of finishes and materials for a longer duration. With Nobis pellet stoves, the pleasure of living a flame returns as tradition dictates: natural, warm and pleasant.



Nobis products are also equipped with technologies to optimize pellet consumption and avoid fuel waste, minimize the need to clean the glass and control the operation of the device in every detail, from safety to pellet loading.

Nobis proposes pellet stoves with natural convection, forced ventilation, duct stoves and hydro stoves that are perfectly integrated into heating systems existing, which thanks to its performance and low emissions respect the environment and all European regulations.

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