Palazzetti puts VIVIENNE on the market, a new ECOFIRE pellet stove with the latest technology available.

biomass pellet stoves
It is available in 9 and 13 kW of power and can also be ducted.

Elegant Ecofire® sealed pellet stove of round design with black glass door and black polished steel front uprights. The round steel sides They are available in various colors (black, mocha, white). When it is off, the stove has a black glass door that, when turned on, offers a natural, wide and suggestive view of the fire.

It has the exclusive T3 technology, which received an award for innovation in the last edition of Expobiomasa, and which consists of a total combustion system and a self-cleaning brazier, allowing the pellet to burn completely, thus optimizing combustion performance and drastically reducing the frequency of cleaning the stove by the user, since the pellet burns completely, leaving very little ash that is collected with a automatic and motorized mechanism.

Available in 9 and 13 kW of power and also can be piped. On the other hand, you can for ventilation to enjoy the distribution of heat by radiation and natural convection.

Vivienne can be equipped with various optional extras such as the Connection Box, which allows you to control it with a smartphone or with voice commands, and the My Cli-Mate device that transmits the temperature to the stove, to better manage the spread of the virus. heat. The stove is also equipped with a pellet reserve sensor.

Palazzetti participates in Expobiomasa.

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