PIXEL the UNGARO mixed convention range

All in a new and attractive aesthetic

From sheet metal processing and assembly, to testing semi-finished and finished products. Each of the heating appliances UNGARO it is the result of the experience of its specialized operators.

Now the Italian house presents PIXEL, a solution with a micro-perforated steel lining, which offers the user heat by natural, forced and (in the case of thermo-stoves) by convection.

The time has come for "easy cleaning", simply opening the technical door makes the bottom of the brazier slide, letting the ashes produced by combustion fall directly into the drawer. This project is created to meet the requirement of minimizing user contact with dust resulting from normal generator work cycles and reducing energy costs.

PIXEL can also be combined with LAISON, the system that combines the convenience of a large additional pellet tank with the elegance of an interior product. Thanks to the action of a powerful vacuum cleaner incorporated in the 200 or 400kg tank, the system takes advantage of the air flow generated to remove the pellet up to a distance of 20 meters.


UNGARO participate in Expobiomasa.