Why not use plasterboard and rock wool in wood fireplace linings

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In Spain and Portugal, despite being a very widespread method, we should avoid coatings with a set of plasterboard and rock wool to clad chimneys, because using plates with vermiculite has many advantages for users and consumers. According to Justo Fernández, manager of Suakontrol, and an expert in thermal insulation, in northern Europe they throw their hands at the head when they are told about the coating that we generally use here.
Why not use gypsum board and rock wool in a cladding?

  • Despite the fact that plasterboard plates (PYL) are great for dry and fast work, even the so-called "FOC" do not resist above 120ºC.
  • Inside the lining of a chimney, 400ºC can be occasionally exceeded and therefore the PYL plates must be protected from high temperatures with rock wool.
  • Rock wool should not be used in voids where there is air convection which generates carry-over of harmful rock wool particles. Numerous international product sheets, endorsed by the European Commission, indicate the precautions and risks that rock wool can produce. 
  • In addition, in many cases by insulating the PYL plates we slow down the radiation heat output to the room, a heat that is more pleasant than convection heat for users.

The best solution to chimney lining is to use vermiculite plates.

  • Plates that resist at least 600ºC must be used, there are and many, but vermiculite plates resist up to 1.200ºC.
  • They do not need battens compared to the PYL that do need them, nor do they require additional insulators, because they are more than heat resistant.
  • You can choose between three types of plate, so that we receive very low temperature, medium temperature or radiator type heat (80-90º), the three types can be combined in the same assembly. For example, low temperature on the back wall and ceiling, medium temperature on faces in front of the furniture and radiator heat in the rest.
  • It is an absolutely natural product, with an extremely easy and dry-build assembly.

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