SHARON PLUS the latest innovation from LA NORDICA-EXTRAFLAME

biomass pellet stove
Sharon Plus joins and completes the Top range of Evolution Line pellet products.

Based on the values ​​that have always inspired La Nordica Extra Flame: a beautiful and comfortable home, but also in harmony with nature, thanks to the choice of biomass, it is born Sharon Plus, a pellet stove with elegant and clean lines, with Black Crystal or Natural Stone coverings, which make this product unique and unmistakable, a true piece of furniture capable of transforming the room on its own. The flame becomes the protagonist, even brighter thanks to the new Extra-Ker white refractory lining.

Its small size and the double option for the flue also make it very versatile even during installation, especially in limited space situations such as in a hall or corridor. The powerful motor dedicated to ducting also allows the heat to be carried to another room at a distance of up to 8 meters, giving the user the possibility of excluding the function or adding a thermostat for maximum comfort.

The product is airtight and is always tested online to ensure its safety.


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