K-100 wood-burning fireplace from FERLUX

biomass firewood stove
Designed to integrate into any environment

FERLUX It has been dedicated to the manufacture of heating devices for more than 32 years, starting with a range of wood-burning fireplaces and barbecues to advanced products with a high technological content and avant-garde. Ferlux currently sells fireplaces and barbecues in more than 20 countries.

Certified with CE marking and respecting the strictest of regulations on emissions.

Designed to integrate into any environment, guaranteeing comfort throughout the house, FERLUX thermo-fireplaces allow the home to be heated uniformly through a hydraulic installation using radiators or underfloor heating.

Fireplace K-100 wood range

Watertight block in carbon steel with water heating system.

4mm 40-sided series frame.

Cprimary air control.

Draft regulator.

Clean glass system.

Adjustable in height.

Optional: screen-printed black glass.

FERLUX participate in EXPOBIOMASA 2023