VAP 5-20 kW of Ecoforest present in Expobiomasa

Boiler in a garage

The VAP 5-20 kW boiler is the most model compact of the range of pellet boilers VAP, this model includes all the characteristics of its older sisters as it is the automatic cleaning of the exchanger, cleaning of the basket and an ash compactor, it also includes a removable ashtray drawer to increase the accumulation capacity.

Like all Ecoforest boilers own electronics of the brand being able to control all the parameters of the stove necessary for its correct adaptation to any installation, such as automatic regulation of combustion air, fuel supply and recirculating pump flow.

Thanks to the great experience and the powerful electronics, the boiler manages the flow and return temperature without having to install an anti-condensation valve in the return, in addition, thanks to the wide modulation of the power it is not necessary to install inertia tank getting great savings at the time of installation.

Ecoforest will be present at EXPOBIOMASA