150 neighborhood communities, 18 public buildings and another six private ones are connected to the Soria Heat Network with #biomass

Another five new blocks have signed their accession and are pending connection.

The Soria Heat Network with #biomass has just incorporated its third new construction development. On this occasion there are 26 apartments that are connected to the heating district of Rebi for heating and hot water. Recently, the municipal market has been connected to the network and five other blocks have signed their adhesion.

Some characteristics of the network are:

  • Commissioning on January 8, 2015.
  • 28 kilometers of pre-insulated pipe in two directions under the streets of Soria. 
  • 24-hour control center for attention to alarms or emergencies.
  • It connects all its customers through fiber optics.
  • More than 8.000 homes and 24 non-residential buildings.
  • Three 7MW boilers, 21MW in total.
  • Buffer tank of 5.000 m3 
  • It generates 80 million kWh/year, and replaces more than 8 million liters of diesel and almost 1 million m3 of natural gas.
  • It avoids the emission of more than 16.000 tons of CO2/year. 
  • Minimum reduction of 10 percent on the previous invoice. 

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