Pellet boilers with electrical production

Okofen boiler and auxiliary components
ÖkoFEN presented in Expobiomasa a condensing boiler with electricity production through a Sterling engine

Founded in 1989, this year celebrates its 30 anniversary with a commemorative video, showing how their beginnings were, and their motivation for the future, which is none other than providing environmentally friendly energy.

ÖkoFEN It is a pioneer in developing the first certified automatic pellet boiler and condensing boilers. Since its inception it has specialized only and exclusively in heating with wood pellets, which has allowed it to develop a technology that is always one step ahead.

Today it already markets pellet boilers with electrical production by Stirling engine. One of the novelties is its model Pellematic Condens_e, condensing boiler with electricity production, which with solar energy support would allow to achieve a completely autonomous energy-efficient home

Other news, is the Pellematic Compact, the new generation of compact boilers for low powers, and the renewed Pellematic Maxi, for powers up to 256 kW in cascade