Dinarmarca in Expobiomasa. Technological leaders in Biomass, biogas, waste and heat networks

Denmark leader in biomass

Denmark is one of the few countries in the world that has decoupled economic growth from the energy demand thanks to its policies to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy, especially wind and bioenergy. These policies, initiated in the decade of the 80 have led to the creation of an important industry dedicated to the development and manufacture of technologies and equipment related to bioenergy, mainly combustion of biomass and biogas.

Energy policy is one of the issues of political consensus in Denmark, which favors the stability of the regulatory framework. The goal of Denmark's energy strategy is to be completely independent of fossil fuels in 2050. One of the main elements in the development of this strategy is precisely bioenergy, specifically the replacement of coal and other fossil fuels by biomass, and the increase in the production of biogas and its injection as biomethane into the existing network of natural gas.

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Denmark is present in Expobiomasa with a grouped participation of the following companies, which will present interesting technical innovations and commercial developments in the field of bioenergy.

AEROVIT Automatic cleaning system for industrial biomass boilers
AMMONGAS Technology for concentration and purification of biogas in biomethane
BLUE WATER SHIPPING Logistic and transport services of all types of biomass and industrial equipment.
ECOGI RSU pretreatment technology for biogas production
HWAM Manufacturer of high efficiency wood stoves and Scandinavian design
LOGSTOR Pre-insulated piping systems for centralized heating installations
LUNDSBY BIOGAS Turnkey biogas plants for cogeneration and / or biomethane
MARK & WEDELL Systems and equipment for sampling, measurement and control of biomass.
NHS Efficient forest chippers, easy to use and low consumption
SIMATEK Dust collectors and bag filters for biomass handling.
UPFOOD Innovative system for drying biomass and agricultural products with solar energy.

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If you want to arrange a meeting with any of them during the fair, you can send an email to narmar@um.dk

The grouped participation of Denmark in Expobiomasa has been organized by the Danish Bioenergy Network and the Embassy of Denmark and is co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.