Spanish and Finnish companies hold more than 300 B2B meetings in Expobiomasa

Meetings at finland stand
Finland, which has 26 exhibiting companies at the fair, is a country in which bioenergy accounts for 35% of the energy consumed

Finnish and Spanish companies have maintained more than 300 bilateral business meetings in Expobiomasa, whose 2019 edition had a day dedicated to Finland and the celebration of the II Hispano-Finnish Biomass Seminar, which was inaugurated by the ambassador of this country in Spain, Tiina Jortikka, and the Minister of Economy and Finance of Castilla y León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo.

In the course of the B2B meetings, Spanish firms have known the business models of the sector in FinlandAs well as most innovative technological advances, with special attention to quality control techniques, the use of chips for thermal use and heat networks.

"Bioenergy is one of the main keys to 'decarbonize' the generation of heat and energy, as has already been shown in different countries, including Finland ”, explained the president of Bioenergy Europe and the Association of Bionergy of Finland, Hannes Tuohiniitty, during the conference he has given at the fair under the name 'Responsibility in heat networks with biomass'.

Tuohiniitty has emphasized that 87% of renewable heat in Europe is based on bioenergy. "Biomass can be used in a very versatile way and is flexible in both raw materials and production, as well as being more economical and avoiding the emission of thousands of tons of C02," he said. And also, he recalled that "it is a great ally to fight forest fires ”.

35% of energy

Finland, which has 26 exhibiting companies in Expobiomasa, is a country in which bioenergy represents 35% of the energy consumed and has a long tradition in the use of biomass for energy purposes.

At the beginning of the years 90 started the development of the biomass heating business model managed by energy service companies (ESE) and currently has more than 620 facilities of this type of medium size (between 300 and 6000 kW), of which 141 are municipal, which heat more than 200 schools, nurseries and nursing homes.

In addition, a third of the facilities managed by energy service companies are 'district heating' that supply heat to different buildings. In fact, half of the Finnish population is connected With this installation model, it has more 15.000 kilometers of hot water pipe networks.