Produce feed efficiently thanks to biomass

wood chip biomass boiler
Having a local fuel is a matter of saving and energy security

After six years manufacturing feed to feed its animals efficiently and sustainably thanks to biomass energy, Grupo Premier Pigs has begun work on a new factory in Bujaraloz (Huesca) that It will also have a boiler room supplied with forest chips..

The first feed factory built by the integrator was in 2016 and from the outset included a biomass boiler to generate the necessary steam to pelletize the feed. Dolors Puyol, manager of the group, expresses the relief of having an energy source that has not been affected by the increase in fossil fuel prices in these times. Right now, with the price of natural gas at record highs and a very unstable global political situation, having a local fuel is not only a matter of saving but of energy security.


The heart of the thermal power plant in the existing feed mill is a 1.740 kW mobile grate fire tube boiler and with a fume recirculation system from the Italian manufacturer Uniconfort that consumes forest chips to generate 3.000 kg/h of saturated steam at a pressure of 8 to 12 bar.

It is an automatic boiler, with reset every 72 hours, which can operate 8.000 hours a year without interruption. Roger Cardó, responsible for maintenance of the Premier Pigs Group, explains that The facility works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. The boiler only requires a shutdown of four days a year to carry out the prescribed maintenance.

UNICONFORT participate in Expobiomasa

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