The assembly of the new biomass plant in the DH of CEDER-CIEMAT ends

biomass boiler heat network
The French company Compte.R is an expert in the fields of hot water, steam, thermal fluids and superheated air.

The new project CIEMAT (Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research) at its facilities in Soria, the assembly of the new biomass plant has been completed.

COMPTE.R installs, in collaboration with the company REBI (Biomass Resources), a boiler with a thermal capacity of 1,5 MW, which is completed with a filter and conveyor systems. The start-up is scheduled for next January.

The boiler is equipped with a fully refrigerated furnace that allows burning a wide range of fuels and also incorporates a Low Nox (LN) post-combustion chamber to reduce NOx emissions into the atmosphere to obtain an emissions value below 300 mg. /Nm3 at 6% O2.

The biomass facility will be fed with chips from agroforestry by-products and will supply hot water to the network and will be hybridized with geothermal energy to provide operating flexibility to the system at all times and maximum energy efficiency.

COMPTE.R participates in Expobiomasa 2023