Once by Pinja helps Gasum significantly save time and optimize supply chain management

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gasum is a Nordic energy company and expert in the gas sector that promotes the circular economy by processing waste and producing biogas and recycled fertilizers in Finland and Sweden. The company's turnover was €1.571,0 million in 2021 and it is 100% owned by the state of Finland.

In 9 of Gasum's 17 biogas plants already used Once by Pinja, which is a browser-based SaaS service system used for real-time management of circular economy and energy companies' supply chains with the help of a single system. 

The challenge: real-time cargo monitoring and billing

"We had a need to give visibility to our day-to-day plant operations and improve activities related to material flows passing through the plant. In the fall of 2017, we started a pilot phase with Pinja in one of our plants to solve these needs. and then we continue with the general implementation. During 2018, Once by Pinja has already been launched in all our plants in Finland. We use the system to manage our entire circular economy supply chain, from material receipts to fertilizer deliveries and shipments. related reports," says Gasum production planning manager Anna-Mari Satosalmi.

The solution: the introduction of the Once by Pinja system

"Our main need was to automate the billing procedure for incoming waste batches, however it was equally important to be able to monitor batches in real time, separately for each plant. The automated monitoring of the Once by Pinja system now allows us to see the current input level of each plant and storage situation in a desired time range without overloading plant personnel It is possible to influence the input quantity and storage situation of the plant almost in real time, and now we can optimizing waste inputs better than before in our plant network. The real-time monitoring of the Once by Pinja system now allows us to see if the number of waste inputs is adequate in relation to the production requirement," says Satosalmi.

The benefit of automated billing

"The scale now reports directly to the Once by Pinja system about the tons and type of waste materials that a particular customer has delivered. Once a month, Once by Pinja automatically sends information about customer-specific shipments and the contracts related to our billing unit. Creating a customer invoice only takes a few clicks, whereas in the past, billing could take a week of our working time each month. Today, it takes around two days to complete , which means significant savings.

The system allows an easy way to share information with our partners and customers. This has reduced the need for monthly reports by approximately one business day per month, as our customers have their own access codes to the system that allow them to view real-time load reports for themselves. Previously, we sent them load reports manually once a month based on the plant-specific scale reports," says Satosalmi.

Cooperation with Pinja has been smooth and flexible

"Some of our staff were already familiar with Pinja and our cooperation has been really smooth and flexible. The work of both parties becomes easier when they proactively discuss each other face to face. A thorough analysis of our daily routines was really important and Pinja clearly he wanted to find our weak points.It was definitely worth the effort.

The project progressed smoothly on schedule, and budgets were not exceeded either. At the most critical points, we met in person, but thanks to the proactive procedure, there was no room for major issues to arise. We had several development projects going on at the same time, for which Pinja was very considerate and also discussed with other system vendors.

In concrete terms, our cooperation so far has included, for example, the Once by Pinja user interface and system introduction in all our plants, the integration of the Once by Pinja system into our billing system, the introduction of the customer portal and partly also Once Mobile, which we are currently launching. With the mobile system, drivers can register loads in the weighing system via mobile phone and no longer need to reach the weighing terminal from the truck window. We look forward to continuing the cooperation with Pinja; we have already analyzed our future development needs together," concludes Satosalmi.

Pinja participates in Expobiomasa.

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