Sant Pere de Torelló expands its district heating with a 4 MW biomass boiler

Binter boiler installation

Thermosun has supplied an Austrian boiler Binder 4MW that will allow to gain energy efficiency and expand the supply network by 20% in the urban center of Sant Pere de Torelló in the province of Barcelona. The commissioning has been carried out by the Suris company.

This municipality was one of the first points in Spain where an installation of district heating more than 30 years ago. As a pioneering bioenergetic town, it has already renovated its energy supply facilities with the Binder RRK4000 biomass boiler. 

In Sant Pere de Torelló and its surroundings there is an important industry dedicated to wood, an industry that generates abundant waste. With the new boiler forest biomass that comes from a maximum of 50 km from the municipality will be used to seek maximum efficiency.