A HEIZOMAT boiler to recover wooden pallets

wood chip biomass boiler
The installed boiler heats a good part of the water needed for cleaning

A Madrid food company has begun to value the single-use pallets it receives daily thanks to a chipper and to a 100 kW boiler supplied by Heizomat Spain.

Instead of piling up the pallets until the company in charge of collecting them comes, this Madrid-based company chips 12 wooden pallets every day, whose energy content is equivalent to about 80-100 liters of diesel, to heat the cleaning water.

The boiler installed by Heizomat Spain It heats a good part of the water needed for cleaning, and the rest is provided by the steam boiler that uses gas as fuel. Using an existing steam system to make hot water is common in companies, although it is very inefficient and only makes sense when gas is cheap.

This type of project is very interesting for companies that have a material that can be recovered as biofuel and has fairly short amortization periods, between 2 and 4 years.

heizomat is a partner of Avebiom

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/un-buen-ejemplo-de-ahorro-gas-en-una-empresa-alimentaci%25C3%25B3n-/?trackingId=rALenCaz%2B10stj5U0%2BY6pw%3D%3D