Optimizing processes

Industry, neighborhood communities and District Heating in Spain opt for biomass in search of economic savings and cost control. The latest data indicates that there are more than 11.000 equipment between 50 and 1.000 kW y more than 1.000 that exceed 1 MW thermal power.

More than a thousand computers are installed annually in Spain and boilers for industrial and commercial use capable of generating hot water, thermal oil and steam, as well as hot and cold air generators, dryers, ovens, air conditioners or industrial cold generators that can use biomass as fuel.

Many companies manage their own by-products and value them energetically in ceramics, cement, paper, wood, tobacco, coffee, dried fruit, all kinds of farms and other agricultural products, greenhouses and in the canning industry, among others.

OKofen presented a pellet boiler at Expobiomasa that, through a Stirling engine, generates electricity for your home.
The company specialized in industrial solutions with biomass designs, manufactures and installed industrial projects.
Finalized the district heating in the city of Burgos will shortly begin the supply of heat generated with bioamsa to the neighboring 1.500 and the Claret school.
Industrial biomass boilers and district heatings, heat networks.
Biogas seminar in which the state of the Spanish biomass market and technological solutions of Danish brands on this bioenergy will be shown.
Dinarmar presents its technologies and innovations in the field of biomass in Expobiomasa: biogas, district heating, ...
The Finnish brand presents its catalog of novelties of biomass and disctrict heating
The Loretto school, near Edinburgh, has significantly reduced carbon emissions and increased energy efficiency, thanks to a new biomass boiler installation.
The Pedralbes Palace in Barcelona has been one of the last unique buildings in the national geography to incorporate biomass-fed equipment for thermal uses, that is, to meet the demand for heat and Sanitary Hot Water (ACS).
The Austrian firm will show, among other technologies, its latest boilers and biomass stoves in Expobiomasa.
The Heat Network with Biomass for the heating supply of the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, in Valladolid, has been operating successfully for nine months, since November of 2018. The project, promoted by the Regional Energy Entity of Catilla and León (EREN), was awarded to the company REBI. It is a heat distribution network through thermal energy in the premises of the Ministry of Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, has an investment of 539.844 euros.