Insertable or automatic functioning stove with efficient exchanger presents its candidacy for the Expobiomasa 2019 Innovation Award

Combustion chamber fully insulated

In the search for greater efficiencies in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, and when analyzing the performance of a team there are two distinct parts. The combustion efficiency, and the absorption of the power generated by the exchange system that then transmits it to the premises or by water. In many cases, the combustion efficiency is very high but the use is very low. This prototype solves most of the problems of heating stoves or fireplaces.

This patented technology It is characterized by having a camera fully thermally insulated combustion to generate the maximum possible combustion temperature.

It also has a exchanger that generates turbulence taking advantage of most of the power generated cooled by air or water. This exchanger works with a mechanical extractor that always provides the necessary draft and controls the power by means of a water temperature probe, ambient or manual. In addition, you can control the ignition, vary the setpoint temperature remotely, control an inertia tank or ACS ...

It is a technology oriented to manufacture stoves or fireplaces so that the final customer only has to load the device and enjoy for hours without being aware or having to make changes in the shot. They are more efficient than appliances installed in boiler rooms, including gasification boilers, and there are no losses to the environment. Any manufacturer can incorporate this technology by making small changes in all its models.

The biggest advantages are:

  • No shooting problems, even with adverse weather situations.
  • Narrow and economical gas outlet.
  • Keeps the exchanger at high temperature avoiding condensation and dirt.
  • Easy cleaning with access to the entire exchanger from the combustion chamber.
  • Power regulation automatically.
  • No danger of fire due to chimney obstruction.
  • Operating at high temperature for minimize emissions.
  • In our uncertified tests exceeds 90% yield, 20% more than a standard device.

Miguel Sánchez Barros has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here