The ecological heat asset

View of the Naturpellet offices
Naturpellet begins works to expand its production by 50%, to 60.000 tons

With firm steps, Naturpellet continues to increase its sights and the company has already begun its works to expand its production by 50%, which will allow it go from 40.000 to 60.000 tons.

Naturpellet registers a meteoric boom in the last five years. Pallet Tama, the parent company, started as a very small company. As the sawmill grew, there was no clear exit to the generated sawdust, a by-product that they used to sell. «We could find ourselves in a scenario of high profitability for the sawing or that it was a problem to sell it, so we came up with a pellet plant to use that byproduct ourselves, process it and give it an outlet in a market that was already breaking out, ”reviews the company's director of communication, María José Tapia.

Naturpellet It opened its sales period in May and in June it had already committed all the tons planned to produce until May 2020. Part of this is explained by the boom in biomass, thanks to greater ecological awareness and the impact of CO2 emissions. Circumstances help, as Castilla y León has one of the most important forest masses in Europe. It is a precious fuel for absolutely local heating, which pays taxes, and the savings with a biomass installation is more than 50% compared to diesel.

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