CEPEVER, the brand that unifies the pellet in the Spanish market

bag of pellets
Objective: Unify the “PELLET” product in the market

CEPEVER Green Energy, has become the largest pellet marketer in Spain. Its objective is to provide uniformity to the pellet product for the final consumer and thus contribute to the expansion of its use as a clean and economical source of energy.

This pellet brand offers buying centers and consumers a single product anywhere in Spain, with a single purchase price and a single packaging. It manages to unify criteria throughout the territory by having different manufacturers in different parts of Spain. All manufacturers involved in the project have a certificate ENplus®A1 y PEFC.

Jose Maria Viejo, manager of CEPEVER, claims to be "tremendously satisfied with the reception that the project has had in the market". The marketing capacity of the brand today is close to 150.000 tons, a volume that they hope to reach in a short time.

CEPEVER participate in Expobiomasa.


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