Forty biomass storage 'pyramids' at the Cubillos del Sil plant

Pellet pyramid
A campaign of 30.000 square meters will be necessary to store the forest mass of the power generation plant

The Forestalia plant has already designed the campaign to store the fuel. Specifically, two farms adjacent to the facilities of its biomass power generation plant that add up to the two Sqm 30.000 whose execution would involve an investment of 135.566,46 euros.

Lands that could be able to house the negligible figure of 96.660 cubic meters (the content of 30 Olympic swimming pools) wooden , 'pellets' or forest remains at maximum capacity; distributed in 40 almost square plots of 21 x 23 meters wide and 5 meters high. That is to say, forty 'pyramids' of fuel that, for safety measures, will be divided by five six-meter and six-and-a-half streets, between which they will be installed twelve fire hydrants equipped inside (accompanied by eleven other extinguishers); in the exteriors, four more hydrants of high capacity flow will be available.

The Cubillos del Sil biomass plant will produce 322.000 gigawatts hour per year, the equivalent to the consumption of 93.000 homes. It will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 123.000 annual tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), consuming 280.000 tons per year of biomass, mainly forestry and straw.

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