Commercial splinter combustion tests of different humidities and with different fine contents carried out by GRUPO NAPARPELLET are presented to the Expobiomasa 2019 Innovation Award

Commercial splinter combustion tests of different humidities and with different fine contents

Naparpellet Group has carried out combustion tests of pine chips in a pilot combustion plant of 500 kWt grills at CEDER-CIEMAT, in Soria.

The splinter lots tested had different humidity and particle sizes. Two phases have been carried out, in the first one, wet, semi-humid and dry chips were used; and in the second phase, two other batches of chips of the dry mode were used, the first with a remarkable content of fines, and the second screening in order to eliminate the fine particles. With all batches it was possible to carry out combustion efficiently and without operational problems, except with an initial batch of 53% humidity, later discarded.

The quality of the tested chips, based on the specifications of the UNE-EN ISO 17225-4: 2014 standard, is A1 property class for dry and screened chips; A2 quality for dry splinters with fine and semi-wet splinters; wet chips can only be classified in quality B.

The results indicate that the emission of particles is clearly influenced by the quality of the chips. The screening of chips allows to reach emission levels of particles according to ECODESING applicable to solid combustion equipment from 2020. Thus, the level of moisture and screening of the splinter greatly influences the emissions of NOx, SO2, CO, COT and particles.

The combustion efficiencies calculated allow to conclude that also on efficiency it is possible to find improvements based on fuel quality. The maximum efficiency found was 92,3% for A1 chips.

The control of the quality of the fuel is a fundamental point to consider to achieve a sustainable use of the solid biofuels so that the energetic applications of the same ones are efficient and respectful with the environingingment.

The results of this analysis can influence the requirements that fuels are requested in any project or tender, with the intention of increasing the efficiency of the facilities, reducing in a real and practical way the level of emissions produced.

GRUPO NAPARPELLET (GESBRICK, SL Y BITALIA ENERGÍA NATURAL, SL) has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here