Optimism recovered in the market of pellet stoves

wood pellets

En general, the markets have conveyed good feelings, very different from the concerns that marked the meetings World Sustainable Energy Days two and three years ago.

According to Gilles Gauthier, general director of the European Council of the Pellet (EPC), markets like the French are gathering the perfect conditions to develop renewable energies, and in particular biomass, thanks to the implementation of the CO rate2 and replacement plans for obsolete diesel boilers.

The stove market regains momentum thanks to the recovery of the Italian market, which already installs 175.000 units a year (still far from the more than 200.000 of years ago) and the great trend of the French market, with 150.000 stoves installed per year.

In Spain the stove market is going well, approaching the 50.000 stoves installed per year.

Source: www.bioenergyinternational.es