PELLETBOX, an innovative cardboard silo for pellets created by Naparpellet.

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Naparpellet's challenge was to provide solutions to pellet consumers

PELLET BOX of naparpellet is an innovative transport, distribution, handling and feeding system for pellet stoves and boilers.

Basically, it consists of a palletized cardboard box and an extraction system, avoiding, for example, the use of plastic bags or a pellet silo when feeding a boiler.

Naparpellet's challenge was to provide solutions to pellet consumers who have both stoves and boilers, and who do not want to use plastic bags or who do not want to install a small pneumatically loaded silo or who do not have enough space for a silo.

This rectangular prismatic cardboard box, PELLETBOX by Naparpellet, has two models with different capacities, is open at the top with a hinged lid and is supported on a pallet at its base. In this way, it facilitates handling during transport and stacking.

To extract the pellet, the box has a window assisted by a gate, arranged on one of its sides, near the bottom. This opening is slightly raised from the bottom to allow loosened sawdust to accumulate. The pellet can be extracted manually, avoiding handling bags, for example, or automatically thanks to a universal suction probe at the base, which can be connected to any suction system of a boiler or stove. In this way you can have automatic suction and a silo in the smallest possible space.

Another advantage is that the device is reusable, and once empty it folds to facilitate transport to the factory where it will be refilled again. pellet with ENplus certificate. This fact allows GHG to be reduced by more than 7 times compared to a pallet of 15kg plastic bags.

naparpellet presented this novelty in the last edition of Expobiomass.

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