The Castilla y León vineyard can provide heating and hot water to 60.000 homes

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Coag seeks the cleanest, most efficient and cheapest agriculture

KW could cost 80% less, agricultural machinery could reduce your emissions by 90% and the vineyard branches provide heating and hot water in a sustainable way, more economical and renewable to 60.000 homes throughout Castilla y León. These are some data that COAG manages in its sessions that promote Against Climate Change.

The 77.300 wine-growing hectares of Castilla y León produce 150.000 tons of vine shoots they burn in the field and could give heat and hot water to 60.000 homes. Today 1.800 tons of around 1.000 hectares are used mainly for grills and restaurants.

Some wineries already have biomass boilers for their processes, but it is essential to define how to collect, organize transport and logistics. AVEBIOM works on these issues with the project AGROBIOHEAT and seeks to promote initiatives for the use of biomass of agricultural origin in rural areas.

COAG-Castilla y León has been several editions a collaborating entity in the promotion of Expobiomasa in the agricultural and livestock sector of the region.