43 days of clean energy: bioenergy reaches a record in Europe

43 days with bioenergy

The biomass can meet the energy needs of the 28 Member States from the November 19 until the end of the year: 43 days, two more than last year. Bioenergy Europe celebrates this achievement with the second edition of its European Day of Bioenergy Campaign.

La Campaign for the European Day of Bioenergy Directed by Bioenergy Europe , aims to inform the public and all stakeholders interested in knowing the role of bioenergy that is often overlooked in Europe. According to Bioenergy Europe, the sector should aspire to change its Bioenergy Day to the month of October of 2030, reaching a global European goal of renewable energy production of 32%. In the words of the current Secretary General of the European Biomass Association "There is room to contribute more" referring to bioenergy in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.