Avebiom joins the European trend of certifying the quality of the installation companies promoting the certification 'Certified Biomass Installer'

Biomass boiler installation
In Spain there are 30.000 companies trained to perform thermal installations in buildings (RITE), of which 27% operates with biomass equipment. Bioloxa, Biomaser, Calor Erbi, Calordom and Gebio are the first five companies in the process of certification

The Spanish Association for the Energy Recovery of Biomass (Avebiom) joins the trend of most EU countries to guarantee the quality of biomass installation companies and has launched the first seal of (IBC). It is a brand that endorses the quality and specialization of companies in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of biomass thermal installations.

The objective is to offer the client guarantees of quality and control of the facilities and to be able to differentiate in the market the companies that execute their work professionally. In addition, it involves the implementation of a register of certified companies, which will be available to users, with the possibility that customer satisfaction can be measured through a system of direct evaluation.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Industry, in Spain there are more than 30.000 companies trained to perform thermal installations in buildings (RITE). According to AVEBIOM estimates, an 27% of these has operated with biomass equipment at least once.


The seal has been launched in collaboration with the Construction Institute of Castilla y León, which acts as a certification entity throughout the national territory.

To obtain the seal, the installers have to meet a series of defined requirements regarding their organization, the degree of specialization, the demonstrated experience, the conditions of service provision, the response to the client, the availability of qualified technical personnel and the material resources available.

Among other requirements, there is also the commitment to inform the customer of the ideal conditions in which the installation and maintenance must be carried out, as well as advising to choose the most efficient technical solution; and the obligation to deliver a detailed invoice in accordance with the approved budget.

Five companies in the process of certification

At present, there are already five companies that have initiated the procedures to obtain the IBC certificate:

Heat Erbi. Energy Services Company (ESE) accredited by the IDAE. It is headquartered in Ponferrada (León) and operates in Castilla y León, Asturias, Galicia, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Madrid. It is a company committed to the quality of the facilities, through the training of its teams of installers and the choice of the best suppliers of equipment and components, and always with special attention to the quality of the biofuel. In fact, it is a pellet distributor company with ENplus certification. Currently, Erbi covers more than 300 facilities, mainly media and large users.

Bioloxa. An ESE company accredited by the IDAE, which carries out its activity from 2015 in Andalusia and Extremadura. Committed to quality and the environment, it helps companies and administrations to make the energy transition and is committed to a green and circular economy. Currently, it covers a comprehensive energy management system for a variety of installations, mainly small and medium-sized users, and seeks to promote heat networks in small municipalities with nearby forest resources or agricultural remains.

Gebio. An ESE company vertically integrated, with which it has its own means for production, distribution, engineering, installation and maintenance of its facilities with which it performs energy sales services. Enabled in the IDAE Biomcasa Program, it currently manages more than 80 facilities in Spain and Portugal, with its own telemanagement and maintenance service.

Calordom. Business group of family origin, with more than 80 years of experience as suppliers of energy services oriented to the maintenance of boiler rooms, solar panels or gas oil and gas supplies, among others. 30 has been working on environmental issues for years and is a pioneer in the implementation of renewable energies throughout Spain and especially in the Valencian Community. Of his activity it is possible to emphasize the supply of bone of olive as a source of thermal energy, fuel that gives heat to more than 20.000 families from Madrid, what supposes more than 80% of the final users of the company.

Biomaser. Company dedicated to the design, installation and sale of biomass and renewable energy systems, based in Benavente (Zamora). It operates mainly in the Community of Castilla y León, where it is the distributor of the ENplus A1 Ecofogo pellet. It manages more than a thousand installed equipment, most of which is domestic, which demands a quality product and a committed after-sales service.