Biomass against energy poverty thanks to red cross in Loja - Granada

Red Cross uses biomass against energy poverty

To combat energy poverty, the county assembly of the Red Cross in Loja, Granada, together with the company Bioloxa Gestión Energética and its partners, Intecbio and Axpo, have installed 6 pellet stoves in homes with scarce resources from Loja and Huétor Tajar, since the end of 2016. The social and childcare center at risk of exclusion of El Pinar has a biomass boiler 150 kW for heating and ACS. This center offers integral attention to families, with the education of minors as a priority. For this, it operates on several fronts: school support for children from 6 to 14 years with volunteer teachers; collaborative food project, in which some families cook for others in rotating shifts; and fight against energy poverty to guarantee minimum comfort conditions in homes.

The 6 equipment installed in homes are 7 kW polycombustible air stoves - for bone and pellet. Contracts of assignment between the families and Red Cross have been established by which they commit themselves to carry out a correct use and maintenance. Previously they have received specific training.

5 pellet bags are supplied each week in order to promote responsible consumption. Each month a performance monitoring of the equipment is carried out to evaluate the cleanliness and its general condition. A competition in efficiency.

Right now the project occupies a person of voluntary character, although the whole assembly complements the work. A "energy culture" training program has been launched to decipher electricity and gas bills.

Right now it is in the process of replication in other regions. We are studying a project to become an assembly of almost zero consumption, that is, capable of generating with our resources - biomass and sunshine - the energy we need: cooking, lighting, cold room, freezer chamber, air conditioning, ACS ....