The manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and biomass boilers want to provide the 50% of the energy used for heating in Spain


Society increasingly demands personalized, economic and sustainable services and products. Digitization, automation, advanced materials, connectivity ... are terms that the 4.0 industry adopts to satisfy its customer. The manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and boilers are getting involved inpresent more efficient and intelligent solutions, aimed at a new more conscious consumption of the use of energy and interested in participating in its management in real time.

The forecasts of the sector at European level point to a sustained growth in number of facilitiesin the next few years, while providing for the improvement in energy efficiency of all the equipment, adapting to new directives, such as Ecodesign or Emissions, in order to generate more and more energy with the same amount of biomass and guaranteeing supply security in the face of the inevitable depletion of fossil resources.

Expobiomasa is, without a doubt, the perfect showcase for technology, innovation and innovation, proof of this is our commitment to the promotion of the firms and the delivery of more than 80.000 euros over these years, to the winning candidates of the Innovation Award for their involvement in the continuous improvement in the sector and the adaptation to the new demands of consumers.