Castilla-la Mancha is committed to replacing its diesel boilers with forest biomass

Castilla the spot is changed to biomass

The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development has finalized the drafting of the 'Regional Biomass Strategy', which among other aspects, will promote the use of forest waste for energy saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

The Administration, "as an example of what should be done in the fight against climate change and the reduction of fossil sources for its use as energy in favor of forest biomass", will proceed to the Replacement of diesel boilers by splinter in four departments of the Ministry in the provinces of Cuenca and Guadalajara.

These measures, as indicated by the Deputy Minister of Environment, "will lead to savings in CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and a reduction in the economic cost of heat production in heating". In terms of data, replacing diesel boilers with splinters will mean a reduction in fuel expenditure that can reach up to the 42 percent and a saving of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere between 3,6 and 75 tons per year, depending on the building.

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