The 50 percent of residents in the Balearic Islands is committed to sustainable heating

the biomass in mallorca

In recent years, pellet heating has been installed in the Balearic Islands due to its many advantages.

Pellet heating is breaking billing records in 2018. According to the data registered in habitissimo, the 50% of the heating systems installed in the Balearic Islands are pellets.

This type of heating is the only type of heating in the current market whose investment is reversed over time; since the price of fuel is cheap and the consumption of the boiler is lower, so, "depending on the type of fuel that is going to be replaced by the pellet, you can save between an 40% and an 65% with respect to other types of energy. In addition, pellet stoves reach higher yields than wood stoves; up to an 95% versus an 75% utilization ".

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