Expobiomasa will host the II Hispano-Finnish Biomass Seminar

Second Hispano-Finnish seminar will be based in Expobiomasa
In Finland, the invited country of the fair in this edition, the 35% of the total energy consumed comes from biomass

Finland will be the leading country in the next edition of Expobiomasa 2019, the most important international fair in the biomass sector in Europe, organized by the Spanish Association for Biomass Energy Recovery (Avebiom), which will take place on the 24, 25 and 26 days of September at the Valladolid fairgrounds.

For this reason, Expobiomasa will be the headquarters of the II Hispano-Finnish Biomass Seminar, which will be held on September 25, in which companies from both countries will present the most innovative technology and expose the business models that are implemented, with special attention to the use, quality control techniques, the use of chips for thermal use, as well as efficient management and technology in district heating (heating networks) with biomass.

Finland, a country in which bioenergy represents 35% of the energy consumed, has a long tradition in the use of biomass for energy purposes. At the beginning of the years 90 initiated the development of the biomass heating business model managed by energy services companies (ESE) and currently has more than 620 installations of this medium-sized type (between 300 and 6000 kW), of which 141 are municipal, which heat more than 200 schools, nurseries and geriatric residences.

In addition, one third of the facilities managed by energy services companies are district heating, which provide heat to different buildings. In fact, half of the Finnish population is connected to this installation model, which has more 15.000 kilometers of hot water pipe networks.

More from 10.000 foreign professionals

According to the forecasts, ExpoNomas 2019 will participate more than 500 exhibitors, who will present the latest trends in technology, design and services to the professional 15.000 who will visit the Valladolid Fair.

During the previous eleven editions, from 2006, more than 143.000 professionals have visited the fair, of which 9% are foreigners, more than 10.000 professionals from 94 countries.

The Fair, which has as one of its main objectives to bring solutions and technology to professionals, is a fundamental meeting point to generate business opportunities for the import and export of equipment. During these years, more than 800 Spanish companies, 154 Italian firms, Portuguese 89, German 80, Austrian 54 and 41 Danish exhibitors have passed through Expobiomasa.