Forestalia invests 17 million in the largest pellet production plant in Spain


It is a technologically advanced and highly automated plant in all processes of wood treatment, for its chipping, grinding, drying and granulation.

Arapellet will have a production capacity of 140 thousand tons per year, which will be destined mainly for export. When the total volume of investment in the Errago municipality of Zaragoza is completed, which will exceed 17 million euros, people will work in the 30 plant, and additional 100 jobs will be created dedicated to biomass supply activities.

The supply of wood and its by-products comes from the use of sustainable forestry, through both clearing, thinning and clearing of mountains, as well as through auctions or harvesting, for which it has specialized machinery, such as processors, forwarders, skidders and chainsaw operators, also resorting to the outsourcing of external teams that have forest processing equipment. This supply is operated within a 250 kilometer radius around Erla, reaching the autonomous communities of Aragon, Navarra, La Rioja, Catalonia, Castilla-León, Castilla La Mancha and the Basque Country.