Guide to optimize the use of Mediterranean solid biofuels in domestic stoves and boilers.

Biomass Guide

In most Mediterranean countries there is an important market for solid biofuels for heating applications in the residential sector. In these countries, in addition to pellets and wood chips, other solid fuels derived from the typical Mediterranean biomass are used.

Within the framework of the H2020 Biomasud Plus project "Sustainable market development of solid Mediterranean biofuels for domestic use", a market study of solid biofuels in southern Europe has been carried out (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia , Spain and Turkey), whose result shows that the olive bone is the Mediterranean biofuel with the greatest presence in the residential sector. On the other hand, it has been seen that olive and vineyard agricultural pruning can be considered a biomass with high potential for the production of solid biofuels in that sector.

A selection of Mediterranean solid biofuels has been made in order to characterize its combustion in commercial equipment of the domestic sector and establish a series of recommendations for manufacturers and installers as well as for end users. The guide includes legislation, the study of the market, results of the analyzes and the main recommendations for the use of selected biofuels. One result is that it shows that there are combustion equipment on the market that can use olive bone that meet the emission limits set by the Ecodesign Directive (2009 / 125 / CE Directive) through the Regulations (EU) 2015 / 1185 and (UE) 2015 / 1189.

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