The community of Madrid subsidizes the change to biomass in rural areas

Madrid helps change to biomass

The objective of the aid is "to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and to promote the sustainable use of the forests". An expense of 897.260 euros has been authorized, in advance processing, to finance the call for 2019 grants for the change of traditional boilers by others that use forest biomass.

The purpose is the substitution of systems, facilities and infrastructures for the production of heat from fossil fuels by others that use forest biomass (chips and pellets).

Likewise, during 2018, the Community of Madrid has granted aid for the replacement of boilers to the municipalities of Buitrago de Lozoya, Montejo de la Sierra, Colmenar de Oreja, La Cabrera and Ambite, for a total amount of 323.235 euros. With these aids the boilers have been changed in different public schools, in a nursery school, a sports center, a cultural center, a center for the elderly and a town hall.

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