The forestry machinery will have renove plan


The Forestry Action Plan presented this month by MAPAMA gathers a good part of the demands of the sector to put in value a natural and economic heritage that few countries can boast. Claimed by the Juntos por los Bosques Platform, to the one belongs AVEBIOM, also gathers the concerns of the environmental associations and the Autonomous Communities. This will include a Renove Plan to improve the competitiveness of the entities in charge of forest management and will be endowed with 2 million euros.

On the other hand, it will include, among other measures, a promotion campaign to raise awareness of the importance of forestry sector activity for society, which will be endowed with 2,4 million euros. In order to increase the knowledge of what the mountain contributes, such as the mitigation of climate change or the products that generate employment in rural areas and prevent their abandonment, as is the case of #BIOMASA.