The Bera heat network is now supplied with biomass from the municipality itself. Since its installation it has saved 45.000 to the neighbors

Bera Heat Network

2014 operates a heat network in Bera that provides heating and ACS several buildings for public use: Toki Ona Institutua, Polideportivo, Haur Eskola, Rikardo Baroja Eskola and Ikastola de Altzate. The boiler room that feeds this network consumes about 150 tons of splinter.

So far the splinter has been supplied by the company that runs the maintenance, but now the City Council is supplied with splinters produced with local wood. Some 100 tons of wood have already been chipped, and naturally moisture has been lowered to 28%, enough to supply the boilers.

Since this system was launched, the City Council saves about 15.000 euros per year, and now, using local wood, it is still cheaper to heat these buildings. Before these buildings consumed gas and diesel, now instead use the energy that gives the wood of their own forests in a sustainable way, a renewable energy, local and also cheaper.