New biomass heat network in Silleda (Pontevedra)

New Silleda heat network

The first public-private biomass heat network in Galicia is inaugurated. This system will provide heating and sanitary hot water to several public centers, the Residencia de Mayores and the Hotel Vía Argentum in its first phase.

The Enerxético Institute of Galicia (Inega) granted an aid of 653.270 euros for this project. It is 80% of its total cost, 816.587. The City Council contributed the remaining 163.000.

It will have a power of 1 MW and in the first phase will be placed almost 2 kilometers of pre-installed pipe. It will allow an economic saving of 81.000 annual euros in the first phase, and of 93.000 when the second phase is ready, avoiding the emission of more than 340 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

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