News of screening and grinding of the Eggersmann group for the treatment of wood and biomass in Expobiomasa

Novelty eggersmann biomass in expobiomass

It is estimated that the crushing and screening of wood and biomass will increase throughout Europe. With regard to the crushing of wood there is already a demand and must have a granulometry less than 150 mm and without contaminants. On the other hand, it is required that the operating costs of the machine be minimal. FORUS shredders can be supplied either with the classic synchronized shredding system or with the asynchronous system.

TERRA SELECTs are specialized in the technique of screening and selection. The S60 star screen has been designed to treat large volumes and in a single work step it is capable of separating the fine <10mm as well as the thickness of 150mm. Feeding the S60 can be done either with a shovel or through the TEUTON shredder that precedes it.

If instead of using a star screen you prefer a trommel-type screen without giving up working 3 fractions in a single step of work, you have at your disposal the TERRA SELECT double-drum series of troels as the DT60 is capable of treating a volume of up to 120 m³ / h and achieves a fine and coarse separation in a single work step. For the separation of possible impurities, especially stones, it can be done with the air separator of TERRA SELECT W80.

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TEUTON Z 55 with a star screen from TERRA SELECT S 60.